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Al Boainain Legal Services is a general practice law firm in Bahrain. This Law office has been established in 2007 by attorney Mohammed Al Boainain, a registered lawyer in Bahrain, on the foundation of 32 years experience in litigations and legal affairs. We provide litigation, legal consultation and wide range of other legal services in Bahrain for both individuals and corporations.

Our services include, but not limited to, General Litigation. We provide Civil, Commercial, Labor, Family and Administrative Cases. As well as Criminal Defense, Compensation Cases and Debts Collection.

Apart of litigation, we provide Legal Consultations, Drafting Agreements and Contracts, Documents Attestation, Verification, Authentication, Registration of Civil Marriage and Divorce, Incorporating Companies in Bahrain and Registration of Trademarks in Bahrain. All are served professionally and efficiently.

Litigation and Legal Consultations

Civil, Commercial, Labor and Administrative Cases

Debts Collection and Criminal Defense

Family and Compensation Cases

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Dealing with cases of

Failure of Handover

and other Freehold Disputes

Various services and assistance in Bahrain
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