Al Boainain Legal Services

Appointing Us


To appoint Al Boainain Legal Services as your legal representative before Bahrain courts, please be advised by the following requirements.


1- A case summary indicating the demands and bases on which they rest, with copies of all relevant documents for initial case study.

2- Original documents copies for litigation procedures.

3- Any digital documents, of those, have been sent or received by email shall be remain in your email server.

4- Power of Attorney (POA) authorizing us to legally represent you.

5- In some countries, POA can be done in Bahrain Embassy. However, if it is not the case in your country, we will send to you the specific wording needed to make it by Notary Public. In this case, it should be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Bahrain in country of origin.

6- Original copies of any official documents relevant to your case should also be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Bahrain in country of origin.


1- Courts fees:

Courts fees are listed in a 15 pages table that shows fees against assumed demanded amounts or values. However, Al Boainain Legal Services presents an online calculation to see what fee will be applied for your case. It works for demanded values of BD. 5000 up to BD. 1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion).

2- Attestation:

Document authenticated outside Bahrain need to be legalized by attestations, which usually costs BD. 50 for each.

3- Translation:

If any document is in language other than Arabic, it must be translated English to Arabic by an authorized translator, which is officially recognized by courts. Hence, if original non-Arabic document is not in English, it should be translated to English before sending it.

Translation cost is BD. 10 for each single A4 document. We, however, work to get better rate for our clients helping them to face such expenses when it comes to several pages.

4- Administrational Charges:

Such expenses occur prior to, throw and during litigation proceedings. These are expected to be about BD. 200

5- Office Charge

Our office charge depends on case nature and needs. It can be determine after an initial study of the case.